Welcome to KGRP

Welcome to the Kelab Golf & Rekreasi Petronas (KGRP)  formerly known as the Kelab Desa Rantau Petronas, is one of the most popular golf course in Kerteh  run by the PETRONAS  in Malaysia. This club is a members-only course has a par-32, 9 hole course that spans about 2,093 metres layout with hilly terrains and tricky greens.

Since its inception in 1962, the KGRP has expanded its facilities to include a bar, swimming pool, air-conditioned dining lounge, pro-shop, gymnasium and reading area, this is a good place for a relaxing day out with the whole family. A driving range is available for those with a need to practice.



Formation of KGRP

Kelab Desa Rantau PETRONAS was founded on 14th March 1988. It was formed as an Association and governed by its Constitution and Rules. Initially it was registered under the Societies Act 1966. However, on 28th July 2008, in complying with the goverment regulations, the Club was latewr registered under the Sports Development Act 1997 (Act 576) with the change of name to Kelab Golf dan Rekreasi PETRONAS (KGRP).


Objective of Club’s Formation

The main objective and intent for the Club establishment is to cater to the sports and recreational needs of the employees of petroleum companies specifically PETRONAS companies and its affiliates and EPEMI, thus fulfilling the companies’ social obligations to its employees. The Club has also been the main venue and has entertained lots of PETRONAS’ major and important events.

KGRP has been very objective in providing members with sporting and social facilities that encourage interaction and socializing in a friendly, harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.


Club Members

Currently the Club has below then 800 members and the Club is striving continuously to add value to services and facilities afforded to members.


Our Mission Statement

A challenging and natural landscaped course A wide menu range of international cuisines and local delicacies equipment and facilities to keep you in shape maintenance and housekeeping service to the level of a premier Club.


The Club’s Location

Kelab Golf Dan Rekreasi PETRONAS is located 10km away from the Bandar Baru Kerteh and 25km away from Kemaman. It takes about one and half hour drive to Kuantan, Pahang.

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Dear  our  valued  members,

In regards to the above, we would like to apologise for the long closure of the swimming pool. We are very much aware of the activities interruption and the inconvenience it caused all our members. Nevertheless, for safety reason, we have no choice but to close the pool and we are putting our every effort to expedite repairs.

Earlier, we have misjudged the pool condition. We thought that only minor repairs needed when actually major ones are inevitable. Upon calling the expert, then only we were informed of the swimming pool actual condition. As the pool ages, the mortar holding the tiles loosen up causing them to pop-off or crack.

Repairs of the selected areas will not solve our problem. And major repairs require proper assessment, special budget approval, procurement proper processes and ect. To make things worst, July/August was the fasting month and to get the assessment done was rather a problem.

As of now, the KGRP Executive Committee has approved the required budget and we expert the work to start early October, to be completed in 30 to 45 days. By end of  January 2014, we should be able to resume the pool’s normal operation.

Please bear with us for everyone’s safety. Again, we are sorry for this unanticipated interruption. Once the works completed, we will be organizing a free hi-tea/breakfast to include the fun and games for our members, to thank them for their support, tolerance and patience.

                            KGRP Management